The Jacobs File Transfer Tool (JFTT) is intended to aid our clients and vendors, as well as our own employees to send and share files with each other in a safe, secure, and effective way. Use this tool to share files that are too large to send via e-mail.
Unauthorised or inappropriate use of this program is prohibited.
  • The Jacobs File Transfer Tool (JFTT) is intended solely for the use of Jacobs' employees, clients, and business partner to transfer business related materials.
  • Submissions via the JFTT may be logged.
  • Submitters (Jacobs' employees, clients, and business partners) are required to take reasonable steps to ensure the files they send via the JFTT are not infected with malicious software. Use of the JFTT is construed as a representation by the submitter that any such reasonable steps have been taken.
  • Use of this system is an acknowledgement by the sender that no contractual or other legal requirements pertaining to the information being sent are being violated. You must accept the terms below in order to use JFTT.
  • Confidential or Proprietary Information – The File Transfer Tool may not be used to transfer, send or share client-confidential or client-proprietary files or documents with anyone other than Jacobs and the client who owns the documents. Any information furnished by a client or that is developed by Jacobs' at a client's expense or for a client's project should be considered confidential and proprietary to the client.
  • Export Control Considerations - The File Transfer Tool may not be used to transfer, send or share any information or data which is subject to Export Controls or have any marking or statement indicating that the document is subject to government approval prior to release. As a general matter, information or data related to military products or services or products or services that have both military and commercial application may not be transferred, sent or shared using the File Transfer Tool.
  • Obscene or Inappropriate Material – The File Transfer Tool is intended for business purposes only and may not be used to transfer, send or share personal documents including but not limited to material that is obscene, or sexually or racially or provocative or that contains a religious, spiritual or political messages or that pursuant community standards is offensive to any group, individual, association or organization.